Tail & Photography by SeeThroughSea

Here at SeeThroughSea, we strive to inspire, endeavor to explore, place great value in community contribution and seek to continually create unique art that best represents our care and compassion for the aquatic environment we have come to recognize as our home-away-from-home.

The Ocean. 

Purchasing a mermaid tail from SeeThroughSea not only allows you the creative freedom to design your own fully customized swimmable tail, it also presents you with an opportunity to participate in aiding our oceans; a portion of the proceeds from each tail is donated to conservation efforts and marine life rehabilitation and research foundations.

If you are interested in purchasing your very own SeeThroughSea tail, please refer to our Shop and proceed from there! If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

See what our tails do for the Sea!

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